Tasting Notes: The Veil Brewing – Crucial Crucial Shredder Shredder

Been writing tasting notes for the J&B Craft Drinks website and loved this IPA from The Veil Brewing. Figured I’d share:

“The Veil Brewing – Crucial Crucial Shredder Shredder

A dry and bitter take on the New England style that still maintains the juicy character:
Fruit forward in aroma with notes of fuzzy peaches, orange, overripe pineapple, lime zest and leafy herbs, supported by a sweet custard backbone.

In the flavour the juiciness continues, but where you’d expect sweetness there’s herbal, pithy flavours and a dry finish.

Medium in body, medium high in carbonation, medium high in bitter and extremely smooth in texture.

This beer is a great example of the drier progression off the NEIPA style that is yet to be named.”