Maarten Nederhof - Beer Curator & Tasting Facilitator

I’m Maarten, a certified Beer Sommelier passionate about anything and everything beer related. I offer tailored services for hospitality, beer shops, breweries and events in Canada and The Netherlands. Proost!🍻


Shops & Restaurants

Beer and Cider Menu Curation

Cellar Management & Inventory Control

New Bar and Restaurant Consulting

Staff Education

Craft Breweries

Brewery Representation at Festivals & Events

Shop & Taproom Staff Training

Marketing Grade Tasting Notes

Beer & Food Pairing Advice

Private & Corporate Services

Guided Beer Dinners

Educational Beer Tastings

Curated Beer Packages

Team Building Events


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At Foreach Brewing we have partnered with Maarten on various occasions. His vast knowledge and experience in the beer and beverage culture, beer style, and flavor profiling have helped us tremendously. One such example was a project of developing a custom beer for a client. Maarten not only delivered a fun and engaging tasting session but also guided the group to identify the characteristics that constitute their favorite beer flavor. This resulted in a great beer that is very much loved by the client. Besides his impeccable professionalism, Maarten is also a very friendly and approachable person. We frequently received great advice from him during our recipe development and product lineup. We value Maarten’s contribution greatly and definitely will recommend him to any personnel or organization that is interested in beer tasting events, beer sommelier, or in fact any beer related business.

Kun & Stefan, Foreach Brewing

Maarten knows his stuff! Great connections in the craft beer industry and a foundation of beer knowledge second to none. From costing beer, providing the best value for the consumer and the establishment, to curating a broad menu with a taste for everyone that spends time at our pub.

Paul Lalonde, GM Stout Irish Pub