Virtual Tastings!

Last week was a busy one with 2 awesome private corporate tastings. I love how interactive these virtual tastings turn out and how genuinely interested the participants are!

Last Friday’s tasting was extra fun as Gabriel, the organiser for this Adidas Netherlands & Reaktor joint event, asked for a selection of beers that represented the home countries of his staff. In Europe we’re blessed with the ability to get beers from all over the globe!

A list of what we tasted through;
•Finland: Fat Lizard Lake Bodom Vienna Lager
•Brazil: Unicorn by Startup Brewing Weiss
•Netherlands: Butcher’s Tears Headroom
•Denmark: People Like Us Covfefe
•Bulgaria: Pelta Brewing Hoppy Lips NEIPA
•Sweden: Fermentarna BLABLABLA Fruited Kettle Sour
Have you done a virtual beer tasting before? If not let’s talk!