Dry February 2020

Thought I’d share few highlights from my #dryfebruary in case you’d like to find few low to no alcohol alternatives.

The Jopen Non IPA was one of my favorites. A well balanced West Coast IPA with bitter grapefruit note to balance caramel sweetness. Was lucky enough to find a fresh bottle, it could’ve fooled me for regular strength.

Jever Fun is well known to be excellent, and lived up to it. Very much like a regular Jever; grassy hop aroma bordering on skunked.

The Omnipollo was very Omnipollo: delicious but not really beer. Bright yuzu note, light bodied and slightly tart. This is now available in Ontario btw, and soon at The Common at The Forks in Winnipeg.

The Big Drop Stout is a Milk Stout with good amount of roastyness. Lactose pushes the chocolate milk flavor.

BrewDog’s Raspberry Sour drank super easy. Very light with tart raspberry and mineralic notes, maybe bit too light.
The other 2 weren’t my favorites, but included for your viewing pleasure.