De Troch visit

My belated new year’s resolution is visiting every Lambic brewery, because why else did we move to Europe?!🤷

First up; Brouwerij de Troch.
Upon arrival we inquired about taking a look inside the brewery but instead Pauwel, owner and 7th generation brewer, treated us to an intimate tour.

De Troch brews their own wort on a coal fired system that was last upgraded in the early 1900s.
Despite the Germans closing 3 other lambic breweries in the same town de Troch was spared as most of the copper was hidden behind stone.
During the decline of Lambic beers the Chapeau line of sweetened beers was introduced. Today these make up the biggest share of production, but besides the Oude Geuze and straight Lambic they have reintroduced an Oude Kriek.

Later that night we opened a bottle of the Geuze (apologies for the plastic cup). Despite some negative reviews online we were pleasantly surprised; not quite as elegant as most, this stood out as a real farmhouse version. Bright in green grape acidity and tannins with a strong cheese aroma. Besides a freshly baled hay note the funk was low. And as it warmed some light smoke came through.
Overall somewhat rough, putting a bottle away to see if age will add balance and complexity.

On another note I’m starting 2 jobs here in Amsterdam, both at very specialized beer shops. Details to follow!

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